QHSSE: Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL’s commitment to follow the international standards of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety is guided by our standards and vision towards sustaining modern and dynamic container terminal operations.

Our constant pursuit of excellence in our business operation is based on the following principles:

  1. To be a Leader in improving and upgrading the Organization’s manpower, information technology, internal processes, terminal infrastructure, and cargo handling equipment by allocating resources optimally to achieve world-class port operation.
  2. To implant the importance of committing to health and safety as a personal value, respecting the environment and delivering the best customer experience.
  3. To adopt a collaborative relationship with our employees, contractors, customers, impacted communities and other key stakeholders through active participation and consultation.
  4. To develop and train our employees to continuously innovate while ensuring compliance to applicable local, national, or international regulatory and statutory requirements.

A strong QHSSE management is strictly applied in the terminal and it is based on the following fundamentals:

  • Safety: Every worker and user of the terminal must come back home safe.
  • Environment: We are developing a sustainability pillar to protect our environment and contribute against climate change.
  • Security: We ensure the protection of the terminal and the vessels through the implementation of ISPS standards.
  • Quality: We are developing an efficient QMS to improve efficiency, performance and customer service.

The terminal has been improving its safety and environmental performance by continuously developing its safety practices involving workers, suppliers and stakeholders, investing in technology and improving its knowledge and expertise.

Our Safety & Security policies are extensively communicated to all our employees, customers, and other relevant stakeholders and are annually reviewed to ensure they remain an added value to our organization and the wider public.

CMA BEIRUT TERMINAL encourages its employees, contractors and third parties to take a responsible attitude towards their own and their colleagues’ impact on the environment.


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